SEO Audit Services

SEO Audit Services

SEO Audit Services

The SEO Audit is an important process that helps in deciding the right path for the business’ growth. The audit is the right way to judge the SEO strategy, its future implementation and the cost involved. Since it is a long process, many small business owners shy away from conducting this process themselves. If you too are one of them, here is a quick checklist to check for.

A) Choose the right service provider: The audit company selected should be a high-quality, accredited firm. You can easily find such certification by looking at their website. The SEO audit plan duration is about one month to two months. Some companies offer the service for a year and you can surely opt for this option if you have a huge competitive advantage. SEO audit takes about 45 days including all the data verification process and final analysis.

B) Analyze the performance in terms of traffic, hits and page rank: Once you analyze the performance, it’s time to determine the next step. The audit website will give you a report on the web traffic received after the optimization work. It also gives you a graph to analyze the traffic generated by the site and identify the main reasons for its success or failure. This will give us a clear idea on how to improve the traffic in our site to get more conversions and increase the sales.

C) Identify the root cause of the error pages: The audit services will reveal the reason behind the traffic generation by your site. In order to find out the root cause of the error pages, you need to understand what these errors are. For example, if your page is not built correctly, your page may be generating a large amount of traffic but the end users are not finding what they want. Similarly, if the page contains incorrect text, there might be a problem with the links on your site.

D) Optimise your website content: It is important to optimise the content of the site so that it can rank high in the search engines. Once you know the main reason for generating traffic, then you can easily optimise your website content. You can either write new articles and distribute them or use SEO articles from other websites. Once you have optimized the site content, it is now time to submit it to the search engines and wait for it to generate traffic.

E) Analyze your link building: The on-page audit process includes analyzing the internal linking structure of your website. This helps you identify the errors and loopholes in your linking structure to improve your ranking in the search engines. With the help of the link analysis report, you can understand the problems in the linking structure of your website and its overall performance in the search engine ranking. This helps you fix these problems to improve the quality of the links and improve your ranking in the search engines.

F) Re-do your web design: It is always good to re-do your web design in a regular basis to keep your ranking and page rank in the search engines. This helps you keep the rank and page rank of the website in the top rankings. It also helps you fix the broken links, content, incoming links and internal redirects. With the help of the audit report you can understand the progress of the redesigning process and plan how to proceed further.

G) Enhance the titles and keywords: The title tags and meta description should be informative. The titles and the keywords are the most important aspects of the site that gives you the ranking in the search engines. In order to improve the rankings, you need to improve the titles and the keywords. You can identify the problems in the title tag and re-write it. Once you have fixed the title tag problem then you can proceed to the other parts of the site to improve the rank and page rankings.